Too often we are confronted by life threatening accidents or medical emergencies such as a car accident, a heart attack or simply a debilitating illness with sudden onset that make it difficult if not impossible to assist the medical treaters with a treatment plan.

If you become too sick to make health care decisions for yourself have you identified a friend or family member who will assist the doctors and hospitals in making decisions about your care and treatment? Have you planned for this type of emergency? Have you identified the person or persons you trust to make the right decision for you if you are too ill to make these life sustaining decisions yourself?

Almost as important, if you have prepared a legal document such as a Living Will to address these types of medical emergencies, can your heirs or agents find the legal document and present it to the hospital to advise the hospital and doctors of your desires?

At TrustlockUSA we have created an online Estate Planning document system that not only allows you to create important legal documents in minutes, but also allows you or your loved ones access to these documents in minutes using your smart phone or tablet.

Imagine having all of your legal documents available in case of that emergency. You will never regret it.

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The TrustLockUSA Estate Planning system helps you to create all of your essential estate planning documents. Our Cloud-based system securely gives you and the loved ones you assign, access to all your important legal documents anytime, anywhere in the world using your computer or smart phone.

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