Over 25 Years of Experience in Estate Planning

TrustlockUSA’s estate planning attorneys have created the TrustlockUSA Estate Planning documents based upon over twenty-five years of experience in the estate planning and ElderCare field. The TrustlockUSA experience you will have will be based upon decades of legal experience and the examination and preparation of thousands of Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills and related estate documents.

Whether your estate is worth $10,000 or $10,000,000 the TrustlockUSA Estate Plan has been designed for you and your family to obtain the highest quality estate planning documentation available.

With TrustlockUSA, you can create a Revocable “Living” Trust plan that will ensure that you can easily manage your financial affairs during your lifetime while providing your heirs with a quick and easy plan to obtain your assets upon your death.

In addition, the TrustlockUSA Estate Planning documents provide you and your loved ones with the necessary legal documents that will allow you and your loved ones with the tools to deal with serious medical issues.

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The TrustLockUSA system helps you to create all of your essential estate planning documents. Our Cloud-based system securely gives you and the loved ones you assign, access to all your important legal documents anytime, anywhere in the world using your computer or smart phone.

TrustLockUSA also believes that the creation of your estate planning documents is only part of your story. After the creation of your legal documents you can also leave behind a personal message video through our “Video Wishes” feature that will allow you to leave personal video explanations of your estate planning decisions.

When anyone has questions about estate planning, they go to TrustlockUSA.com.

The Major Concerns Are…

Have I created a valid estate plan? Is it current?

Does my Doctor have access to my Medical Directives?

Are my documents able to avoid probate?

Do my heirs have access to my Estate Plan documents?

Can my Heirs contest my estate plan?

Do I have testamentary video to clarify my estate plan objectives?

The Solution is a TrustlockUSA Membership!

Create Valid, Effective Estate Planning Documents Online

Create testamentary videos to support your estate plan

Avoid Expensive Attorneys And The Court System!

Store Important Financial And Estate Planning Documents password protected In The Cloud – Accessible By You or Family members YOU designate.

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