The current state of affairs in the Estate Planning field is dismal. Despite decades of advertising, word of mouth and shocking stories from probate cases around the country, over 50% of Americans do not even have a simple will!

So why are many Americans neglecting to take care of the most important legal issue in their lifetimes? It’s all about time and money. Everyone over the age of 50 knows they need some type of estate plan whether it be a simple will or a living trust. However who has the time or money to find an attorney who knows something about estate planning, set up an appointment and then shell over $1,000-$2,000 to create the master plan for their estate once they die?

With the explosive growth of virtual legal services, many Americans are turning to the internet to manage their estate planning affairs. TrustLockUSA is one of the leading online Estate Planning Document creation websites in the country. With the payment of a $99 membership fee, TrustLockUSA will deliver all of the important estate planning documents you and your family will ever need: Living Trust; Living Will (Health Care Directive); Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management and all other related legal documents to ensure that your estate is passed on to your heirs efficiently and economically.

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The TrustLockUSA Estate Planning system helps you to create all of your essential estate planning documents. Our Cloud-based system securely gives you and the loved ones you assign, access to all your important legal documents anytime, anywhere in the world using your computer or smart phone.

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