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Over 25 Years of Experience in Estate Planning

TrustLock USA’s estate planning attorneys have created the TrustLock Estate Planning documents based upon over twenty-five years of experience in the estate planning and ElderCare field. The TrustLock experience you will have will be based upon decades of legal experience and the examination and preparation of thousands of Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills and related estate documents.

Whether your estate is worth $10,000 or $10,000,000 the TrustLock Estate Plan has been designed for you and your family to obtain the highest quality estate planning documentation available.

With TrustLock, you can create a Revocable “Living” Trust plan that will ensure that you can easily manage your financial affairs during your lifetime while providing your heirs with a quick and easy plan to obtain your assets upon your death.

In addition, the TrustLock Estate Planning documents provide you and your loved ones with the necessary legal documents that will allow you and your loved ones with the tools to deal with serious medical issues.

TrustLock Membership Includes:

01. DocCreator

Quality Legal Documents

TrustLock has developed the ‘ultimate’ Living Trust “package,” prepared in an exceptionally inviting digital format. The TrustLock Estate Planning documents provide its customers with the most comprehensive and professional Revocable “Living” Trust package currently available from any source.

From your TrustLock account dashboard you can create all your essential estate planning documents by filling out a single form. Once your documents are completed they are stored and locked in your individual TrustLock account accessible only by you.

Living Trust

Living Will / Healthcare Directive

Inventory of Assets

Personal Property

Power of Attorney for Assets

Real Property Deed

Trust Funding Instructions

02. VideoWishes

Create Your Video Legacy

At Trustlock we realize that typical Estate Planning documents don’t tell the entire story. In fact, estate planning documents themselves cannot possible capture your true thoughts and feelings about critical issues involving your estate, your death or the type of medical care you wish to have administered in your last days. With Video Wishes, Trustlock provides you with the opportunity to: (1) Explain to your kids your specific plans for your estate and its administration after your death; (2) Specify the type of medical care you wish to receive in your last days; (3) Your goals and dreams for your children; (4) The Celebration of Life you wish to have to celebrate your life after your death; and finally, (5) A general message to friends and loved ones outlining your memories, inspirations, successes and/or failures.

With VideoWishes, you can create as many videos as you like to memorialize your life. You can thereafter store these video memories using your TrustLock membership which will be accessible to you and anyone you wish. You can create a video library of self-reflection and intimate thoughts about your life to be shared during your lifetime or after your death using our proprietary video storage technology.

03. DocLock

Secure Document Storage

In addition to having instant access to all of your estate planning documents, DocLock will allow you to download other important legal and financial documents such as Marriage, Birth & Death Certificates, Insurance Policies & Beneficiary Designations, Appraisals of Personal Property, Prescription & Allergy Information, Deeds & Mortgages, Business Records, Personal & Business Tax Returns, and Military Service Records.

With all of your critically important documents at your fingertips, you and your family will never have to worry about not having access to these important legal documents.

Cloud Security protects your data


04. CloudDoc

Access From Anywhere

One of the most important documents you should create in your lifetime is the Living Will-or the Health Care Directive. However, if you or your loved one is in the hospital and decisions need to be made regarding extraordinary health care matters, will you have your Living Will available at this crucial moment?

TrustLock wants to make sure that this document as well as all of your estate planning documents is available and accessible by you 24/7 regardless of your location or condition. Therefore, we created the proprietary CloudDoc feature which allows TrustLock members to access all of your estate planning documents from your smartphone, computer or (internet connected) tablet at any time regardless of your location.

05. Digital Lawyer

Your Legal Resource Team

The TrustLock membership gives you access to our legal team through our Digital Lawyer program. TrustLock’s Digital Lawyer services will provide our members with on line access to our legal staff to answer questions relating to their TrustLock Estate Plan documents. In addition, Digital Lawyer will provide TrustLock members with monthly communication newsletters and blog content concerning current issues as well as recent developments in the estate planning field. Our goal is to provide our Members with the most current information and educational tools to ensure that their estate planning goals are met. Finally, Law Review will provide each Member with annual Trust Review and Certification Services which will ensure that you have reviewed your TrustLock Estate Planing documents and updated them as required.


  • Annual Review of your TrustLock Estate Plan
  • Annual Trust Certification Service
  • Monthly Estate Planning news and education
  • On Line Access to the TrustLock Legal Staff to address estate planning questions.

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