Welcome to Trustlock Pro–Home to the World’s Most Compelling Digital Media Advertising Company !

The concept of behind TrustlockPro ® is to recruit financial services people:  insurance salesmen; financial planners as well as entrepreneurs to purchase membership in the TrustlockPro Membership program.  The Pro Partner program has been designed as a social media (digital) marketing/advertising company for financial professionals.

For $99 per month, TrustlockPro Partners will deliver the following membership services:

Online Estate Planning Document Creation:

As a TrustlockPro Partner you will receive a license to access the proprietary TrustlockUSA estate planning document software:  TrustlockUSA is the first of its kind comprehensive estate planning document creation website that allows you to create all of your estate planning documents online in minutes!

Think Legal Zoom–Only FREE!

Digital Document Storage in the Cloud:

TrustlockPro Partners also provides members with the ability to digitally store important legal and financial documents in the Cloud.  The goal?  No more lost trusts, wills, insurance policies, bank and financial statements, etc.

Finally, a Company has created an opportunity for you to create, store and access all of your legal and financial documents on your phone or smart tablet using our proprietary app system.

Digital Marketing Platforming:

TrustlockPro Partners will create and manage your website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Estate Planning Education and Certification:

Certification and Training:  TrustlockPro Partners will receive training and certification as a TrustlockPro Partner Estate Planning Professional using our Certified Estate Planning Professional program–our online education program that will teach financial service people what estate planning is and how to use it to increase insurance sales as well as other types of industry sales.

The Most Lucrative Referral Networking Program in the Financial Services Industry:

REFERRAL FEES: For each TrustlockPro Membership you sell, TrustlockPros will pay you $40 per month—forever (your “Direct Referrals”).

REVENUE SHARING:  Once you successfully recruit one hundred (100) people you will receive a “Bonus” of $10 per month for every Member in your “Referral Group” for a total monthly payment of $5,000 per month in referral fees:

  • $40 per month for your direct referrals;
  • PLUS $10 per month for each person in your Referral Group who are successfully recruited by your referral group.   The goal of the referral program is to create an army of people working for our company selling and marketing our services.

The TrustlockPro Mission:

“We want to ensure that your dreams become reality”

For $99 per month, TrustlockPro will deliver 100 new Customer Email addresses for your business.   Each email address will be customized to suit your most compelling message:   Life Insurance, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, etc.

TrustlockPro is your Digital Age Marketing Master!  We will provide you with 100 new email customers chosen by age, geography, net worth and “opt in qualifications”.

For $99 per month TrustlockPro will not only deliver 100 new Customer Email Addresses for your business; but also TrustlockPro will engage each Potential Customer with digital marketing emails each week through its LawStream digital email services.  LawStream has been developed to provide informative information about business, taxation, wealth planning, financial planning and estate planning to your “email audience” so that you have a constant and informative communication with these prospects each week!

The TrustlockPro Rewards Program is the most lucrative Referral Program is the most lucrative in the Financial Services Industry!   Refer two people and your TrustlockPro Membership Benefits are FREE!