TrustlockPRO today formally announces the creation of its “NO ONE LEFT BEHIND ®” Digital Retirement Income Plan available to all TrustlockPRO Members.

The NO ONE LEFT BEHIND ® Digital Retirement Income Plan has been developed to  provide a retirement plan for our TrustlockPROs—this is not a 401K or an IRA. The Pro Partner Digital Retirement Plan is based upon the generous annuity income plan developed by TrustlockPRO Partners Program to reward TrustlockPRO who successfully recruit new Pro Partner Members into our network sales organization.

The Digital Retirement Plan incorporates the TrustlockPRO’s Rewards Program which pays a referral fee of $40/month for each person successfully recruited as a TrustlockPRO Member.  This $40 fee is paid monthly in perpetuity—or as long as the recruited member stays in the TrustlockPRO Membership Program.   The creation of this permanent monthly income serves as the foundation for the TrustlockPRO Digital Retirement Plan.

TrustlockPRO recognizes that most Americans are seeking the American dream:  work hard, play hard.  Now that dream is available from the privacy of your own computer! As a TrustlockPRO you can create a stream of business income by recruiting other individuals as TrustlockPRO Members.  The $40/month referral fee paid to you for your successful recruiting efforts provides you with a “lifetime” annuity income that will pay as long as your recruited members maintain their TrustlockPRO Membership.

Hence, the Digital Retirement Income Plan was created!

In addition, our more successful TrustlockPro who successfully recruit 50 TrustlockPros will participate in a “bonus pool” of income that will pay these Managing Partners an additional referral fee of $10/month for every membership sold in the Managing Partner’s Membership Group.   You can take as much time as you need to recruit 50 TrustlocPro Members.  However, once you hit that magical number your monthly income will increase exponentially!

Here’s how it works:

TrustlockPro Example:

Month           Memberships               $40 Referral          $10 Bonus            Jim’s Monthly Pay

   1 100 Members $4000 $1000        $  5,000
   2 300 Members $4000 $3000        $  7,000
   3 600 Members $4000 $6000        $10,000
   4 1200 Members $4000 $12000        $16,000
   5 2400 Members $4000 $24000        $28,000
   6 4800 Members $4000 $48000        $52,000

Or more….

 TrustlockPro Example:

Each person in Jim’s Partnership Group adds Four (4) Members each month.

Month           Memberships               $40 Referral          $10 Bonus               Jim’s Monthly Pay

   1 100 Members $4000 $1000        $  5,000
   2 500 Members $4000 $5000        $  9,000
   3 2000 Members $4000 $20000        $24,000
   4 8000 Members $4000 $80000        $84,000
   5 32000 Members $4000 $320000        $324,000
   6 128000 Members $4000 $1280000        $1,320,000

You have already heard about the TrustlockUSA Pro Partner Digital Marketing opportunity.    In conjunction with the creation of the greatest Digital Marketing Company in the U.S., TrustlockUSA’s Pro Partner Membership Organization has developed the most lucrative revenue sharing referral program in the Digital World!


About TrustlockPRO

The TrustLockPro Membership program provides entrepreneurs, real estate salespersons and financial services executives with the opportunity to be paid $500 for each referral they make to the TrustlockPro membership program.   In addition to the $500 annual payment (payable monthly) you will receive $120 per year for all referrals in your Membership Group once you hit 50 direct Membership Program sales.  The payments are monthly and forever (as long as your referrals stay in the program)!

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