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TrustLockPro® integrates the most powerful estate planning solution and residual income opportunities in existence.

TrustLockUSA has developed the ‘ultimate’ Living Trust “package,” prepared in an exceptionally inviting digital format. The TrustlockUSA Estate Planning documents provide your clients with the most comprehensive and professional Revocable “Living” Trust package available from any source.

Your TrustlockPRO dashboard will show the clients you have successfully referred to start a TrustlockUSA membership. You can use this information to time estate plan reviews with your clients on a yearly basis. And since TrustlockUSA is a web based solution you can review your clients estate planing documents online anytime, anywhere.

TrustlockUSA® License
TrustlockPRO members get complete access to TrustlockUSA’s Digital Estate Planning system. They are able to guide clients through the document creation process and help them out year to year by reviewing the estate planning documents they have created on their behalf.

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When you refer in a financial professional to TrustlockPRO®, you lock in not only $40 of the initial sign up fee, but $40 EVERY single month into perpetuity.

So over the course of the next 12 months if you refer in 100 financial professionals you will reach AND MAINTAIN a $4,000 per month referral income level without bringing in a single referral thereafter.

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