What you are doing now:
Cold calls
Asking family and friends for referrals
Cold calls
Asking friends and family for referrals
Cold calls
Asking friends and family for referrals….
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For $99 per month, TrustlockPro will deliver 100 new Customer Email addresses for your business.   Each email address will be customized to suit your most compelling message:   Life Insurance, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, etc.

TrustlockPro is your Digital Age Marketing Master!  We will provide you with 100 new email customers chosen by age, geography, net worth and “opt in qualifications”.

For $99 per month TrustlockPro will not only deliver 100 new Customer Email Addresses for your business; but also TrustlockPro will engage each Potential Customer with digital marketing emails each week through its LawStream digital email services.  LawStream has been developed to provide informative information about business, taxation, wealth planning, financial planning and estate planning to your “email audience” so that you have a constant and informative communication with these prospects each week!

The TrustlockPro LawStream program has been developed specifically for the financial services industry in order to supplement your current digital marketing efforts.  The Lawstream digital marketing approach provides your company with 100 new prospective customers each month AND provides you with the LawStream digital newsletter that will inform your clients–both current and prospective-about important legal, financial and tax information.

You pay $99 per month and sit back and watch your new “email audience” of prospective clients grow each month!   During the course of one year, over 1,200 new prospects will be added to your “prospect list” of potential sales–receiving weekly communication from your company while you sit back and wait for the phone calls from new customers.



“TrustlockUSA understands that proper estate planning incorporates a broad range of “life events” including paying taxes, getting divorced, preparing legal documents for home or businesses (rental arrangements, pet protection, legal entity formation–LLCs, Corporations, partnerships) and therefore, our Trustlock articles will reflect discussions of these issues.  All of these “life events” affect how you plan your estate; how you protect your estate; how you can minimize or eliminate taxes.    As part of your overall estate, TrustlockUSA also believes that you need to explore and create new opportunities to make money–therefore, we have created the TrustlockPro program to provide you with an opportunity to create a retirement plan or annuity plan using our RewardsPay program.”