Who needs a TrustLockUSA Estate Planning Solution?
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EVERYONE! Without any written document evidencing your intent to distribute your estate, at your death, the court and attorneys jump in  to determine the fate of your estate.  The TrustLockUSA Estate Planning System provides  the best opportunity for your family to benefit from your hard earned  assets without delay or expense after you are gone and unable to protect their interests personally.
The TrustlockUSA Estate Planning Solution:

Over 25 Years of Experience

TrustLockUSA USA’s estate planning attorneys have created the TrustLockUSA Estate Planning documents based upon over twenty-five years of experience in the estate planning and Elder Care field. The TrustLockUSA experience you will have will be based upon decades of legal experience and the examination and preparation of thousands of Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills and related estate documents.

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TrustlockUSA, provides their members a complete “Living Trust” planning document package with all necessary secondary documents needed for a comprehensive estate plan.

Access Anywhere

TrustLockUSA makes sure estate planning documents are accessible 24/7 regardless of  location or condition  via smartphone, computer or (internet connected) tablet at any time regardless of their location.

Secure Storage

In addition to having instant access to all  estate planning documents, TrustlockUSA ensures protection of your documents in a password bank level  encrypted storage environment that only TrustlockUSA members have access to.

Law Review

TrustLockUSA provides their members with annual Trust Review and Certification Services ensuring that all documents have been reviewed and up to date as required.

TrustlockUSA Documents Include:
  • Living Trust

  • Living Will / Healthcare Directive

  • Power of Attorney for Assets

  • Inventory of Assets

  • Pour Over WIll

  • Pet Guardian

  • Real Property Deed

  • Trust Funding Instructions

  • Directive to Insurance Companies

  • Directive to Banks &  Financial Institutions

  • Directive to Successor Trustee

  • Abstract of Trust

TrustlockUSA News

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